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Rare New Label 1890 Dr. J. Parker Pray's Diamond Nail Enamel~ Renowned and Unequalled~ This Powder Polishes Finger Nails Brilliant As Diamonds~ New York Office, 12 East 23rd St. U.S.A.~ Price 25c~ Scientia Cuticule Omnia Vincit~ Excellent condition; 1/2 full; measures 3-11/16" x 1-3/4" x 1". Directions: Spread this powder liberally on the rotund portion of the palm of the hand partially close to the opposite hand and rub the nails briskly over the powder surface for a few minutes, when a brilliancy equal to diamonds will appear. Can also be applied by being spread on a nail polisher, or one finger as above. The brilliancy can be restored after washing the hands, by friction on the dry palms. Use Cosmetic Rosaline,Cream Vanola Pocket Emery Board, Ongoline, etc. Prepared by Dr. J. Parker Pray Co., Manicure & Chiropodist. Parlors 10 & 12 E 23d St., N.Y. Laboratory, Passaic, N.J. Estab. 1868. $125.00
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Vintage Cutex Junior Manicure Set With Original Instruction Pamphlet~ Excellent condition; neat and clean; set is complete with remover, nail white liquid polish, emery boards, orangewood stick, & brush.

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Small Cutex Stick Polish and Small Cutex Nail White Tube~ Both in very good condition; nail white tube measures 2-1/4" x 3/4". $6.00

nail_kit_gold_small.jpg (4908 bytes) 22Kt. Gold Plated Vintage Nail Kit~ 2 Clippers; 1 Nail File; 1 Comb. Excellent unused condition; comes with box bottom only. 1nc15

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Extremely Rare & Awesome Vintage 1924 Art Deco Eversmart Manicure Compact ~ Nymph / Lady Guilloche Enamel~ Gold Filled~ Made in U.S.A.~ Pat. Dec. 2 & 30, 1924~ Excellent condition; measures 2-7/8" x 1" x 1/2". 1nc14

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Vintage 1929 Cutex Midget Manicure Set~ Excellent condition; neat and clean; set is complete with powder polish and cuticle cream, remover and oil.


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