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Exquisite Detail! Girl Carrying A Basket Of Grapes ~ Most Likely German~ Excellent condition; fine quality porcelain; "M-444" stamped on bottom in red ink.


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Vintage Bride & Groom Cake Topper ~Japan~ Very good condition; both have red hair; flower bouquet is soft pastels; no chips, cracks or hairlines; has some black marks as if it has been wrapped in newspaper, I'm not sure it will come clean, but am unsure what cleaner is safe; measures 3-3/4" x 1-1/2".


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1975 Vintage Christmas Girl Figurine ~ Japan~ Very good condition; Poinsettia has a few small nicks.


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Vintage Porcelain Flapper~Made In Occupied Japan~ Very good condition; measures 5-1/8" x 2-5/8".


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Duck / Mallard Vintage Wall Pocket, Match Holder Or Planter~ Very good condition.


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Vintage Lefton Cup & Saucer ~ 'Mother'~ Excellent condition; no chips, cracks or hairlines.


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Vintage Lefton Cup & Saucer~ 'Dad'~ Excellent condition; no chips, cracks or hairlines.


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Vintage Pitcher With Mushrooms~ Very good condition; no chips, cracks or hairlines.


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Vintage Birth Information Plate ~ Japan~ Unused; excellent condition; no chips, cracks, hairlines or paint loss.


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Vintage Enesco Figurine ~ 1983 "Growing Up Girls"~ Excellent condition; has original hang tag; no chips, cracks or hairlines.


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Vintage Bumble Bee Figurine Japan ~ Bottom signed,
"On The Phone, S1012"
National Potteries Co.,
Cleveland, OH (Napco)~ Very good condition; original paper sticker still intact on bottom; left wing has been re-glued; partial right wing has been re-glued (missing top half); has some age crazing; measures 2-1/2" x 1/2"


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Vintage Dog Decanter~ Very good condition; missing lid/cap/ cork remains inside the top opening; measures approximately 9-1/4" tall.


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1956 Aster By National Potteries~ No chips cracks or hairlines; has original hang tag, some paint loss, and umbrella is missing.


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Fantastic & Unusual Erphila Dog Figurine Made in Germany~ Very good to excellent condition; glaze has some age crazing evident in photos; no chips, cracks or hairlines; measures approximately 4-1/2" tall x 2-1/4" wide x 3" deep. Bottom stamped "ERPHILA Germany" in green ink surrounded by a green rectangle. Erphila (Ebeling and Ruess). An importing company that began operations in Philadelphia in the late 1800s and are still in business. The company has used various markings and I believe this green ink marking is an older marking, possibly pre-1940s or 50s.


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Vintage May Birthday Angel By Sanmyro Japan~ Excellent condition; no chips, cracks or hairlines.

No Longer Available

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Vintage Lefton Birthday Girl ~ February~ Excellent condition; no chips, cracks or hairlines.

No Longer Available

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